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VicRail -  4-6-4  R Class Hudson  (R701)

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Artwork Info Artwork Size: 16 x 27 cm (6" x 11")

Artwork Media: Painting, Airbrushed ink & Acrylic

Artist / illustrator: Peter Nowak (aka "Wizard" - Wizard Graphics Australia)
Locomotive Info Victorian Railways -  4-6-4  R Class Hudson  (R701)

Orginally planned as Pacific (4-6-2) locomotives, the R Class were redesigned (by engineers including Rolling Stock Engineer T. D. Doyle, CME A. C. Alston, and Boiler Engineer W. A. Rogerson), to a Hudson (4-6-4) in a bid to reduce axle weight.

Designed and built over a period of about 10 years (starting in 1943), the R Class were a good locomotive that simply came too late. Replacement of the R Class by the new B class diesel electrics began (Mar 1953) before the last of the 70 ordered R Class locomotives had even been delivered by the North British Locomotive Company of Glasgow (Aug 1953).

The R701 depicted above, was in its day, the "poster boy" for Victorian Railways (C1951). Most R Class Hudson locomotives served out their useful lives hauling freight.

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