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NSWGR -  4-6-2  C38  Pacific  3801

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Artwork Info Artwork Size: 18 x 27 cm (7" x 11")

Artwork Media: Painting, Airbrushed ink & Acrylic

Artist / illustrator: Peter Nowak (aka "Wizard" - Wizard Graphics)

Owner: Artist

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Locomotive Info NSW Government Railways -  4-6-2  C38  Pacific  3801

The 38 class locomotives were built in Australia during World War II by the New South Wales Government Railways (under the leadership of Harold Young) to replace the slower 36 class engines.

The 38 class locomotives had an excellent capacity for sustained high speed and acceleration, seeing them employed for overnight express, mail trains and daylight express services. With their impressive hill climbing abilities, the 38 class locomotives were able to haul the heaviest air-conditioned express services over some of the New South Wales' steepest grades.

Despite their size, the 38 class locomotives were hand fired, requiring a constant feed of high grade coal for their large 48 square foot grate. They also operated with the highest boiler pressure for any locomotive in Australia (245 lb/sq. in or 1,688 kPa), and were notably able to haul trains at the maximum track-allowable speed of 70 m.p.h. (112 km/h).

Because of their excellent range and reliability, the 38 class locomotive could work trains the entire distance from Sydney to the Albury break-of-gauge, without an engine change.

The performance of the 38 class locomotives delayed the inevitable introduction of diesel trains into New South Wales for over a decade, before they were eventually relegated to goods train operation. The 38 class locomotives were finally withdrawn from service during the 1960s and early 1970s.

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